What Do You Think?

nothing_to_envy_0Long distance relationship is hard.  Special days and events make it even harder.  The reason is because you can’t be there and that makes you feel guilty.  Gift giving becomes a way to compensate.

My girlfriend’s birthday was 8/22.  I gave it some thought, decided against jewelry for two books (one for her and one for me). The book is entitled “Nothing to Envy” and it captures the normal lives of North Koreans as told by the defectors themselves. It also highlight well the social cultural norms of family and government ties to give us a good insight on the minds of those who have gone though famine and persecution.  I also pressed rose petals between the pages so that she could use them as bookmark.

People think history is a bad choice because it sounds boring and unromantic, but I disagree.   You can use history to analyze the past to predict the future.  That way there is no need to repeat the same mistake.  I hope I am right. (biting nails)


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