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Something happened today that made me act like a mad man.  I was pounding my chest, fist-jabbing my gut and slapping and tapping my body from shoulder to toe as hard as I could.  It was bizarre.  Yet, for a good 45 minutes I kept pounding and jabbing away.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said “all disease begins with the gut”.  The Greek physician said this 2,000 years ago but modern medicine is just now beginning to understand how right he is.  That was what the yoga instructor told us while we were jabbing our stomach to exercise the intestine.

At this point, you are probably thinking what kind of yoga teaches people to punch themselves in the gut.  According to the founder of “The Solar Body,” trees, birds and fish rely on their inborn ability to sustain life naturally.  You and I, as human beings, are an intrinsic part of nature.  Like all life on earth, we were born with a built-in system to create health and happiness.  Inside us, there is an infinite source of energy and boundless vitality.  However, we work our bodies to the point we feel fatigue and stress. We seek help, but unfortunately modern medicine treat the symptoms but not the cause of the problem.  We all know it is better to heal from the source.

The Solar Body yoga teaches simple exercises that raise your body temperature, breathing, and observation of your mind to sustain abundant health.  The exercises will help boost your immune system in the most natural way.  In fact, the most unnatural thing about it might be the way you look while doing it.  See below.

  • Gut jabbing (2 inches below belly button, in yoga is one of the seven main chakras, or wheels of energy throughout the body)
  • Breath in and suck in gut at same time, then breath out releasing it.  This is intestinal exercise
  • Walk in sunlight, starting with 100 steps and then increase it to 10,000 steps per day
  • Tap and vibrate your body, go from the shoulders down
  • Laugh with the whole body for 10 minutes
  • Open arms, relax and breath and release your chest
  • Knock feet together to move blood from upper body to lower body (this is particularly helpful for insomnia and fatigue)
  • Jabbing stomach with a fist while simultaneously turn head to the left and the right will help reduce stress

Exercising using the solar body method for about 30 minutes a day will help revitalize the body from the inside out.  You also want to maintain a vitamin rich diet.  These are your colorful vegetables and fruits like tomato, spinach and bell pepper.  Getting enough sleep is also key.

Remember the gut is the base camp of the immune system.  Doing these exercises, you will feel a warm flow of energy going through the entire body.  If not, then you need to beat yourself harder, haha.  The instructor, also a medical doctor, assured improvement in overall health after about 100 days of continuous practice.

I found a helpful link on Youtube,


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