Non Profit Work


I know what I am about to say may be a complete generalization as I have only worked for one non-profit.  Maybe, folks could help validate or correct with their own experience.

My first week of work I was asked to go for a day of training to determine my color type.   Green represents the critical thinkers, yellow are the organizers, orange are the adventurous type and blue are those with good people skills.

It came with no surprise that I was a yellow in the sea of blues.  As the quiz pointed out, blues think with their heart.  Their non-confrontational nature make them a good companion.  However, their nonchalant and care-free attitude make them difficult to work with.  I stored what I heard away, thinking how could we just generalize people into a simple quadrant like this.

To my horror, the training was really a beware. Only a few days into work, I discovered some of the folks I work with have trouble with follow-up, can’t handle structure and have a tendency to use their people skills to ease around responsibility.   That means they would cancel on an appointment without the professional courtesy of informing you.  They go on vacation during peak season and you are left to handle all the work from scratch.

We are all colorful people, but I think there is something to be said about an ability to control how we display our colors.  Right now it means how to suppress a steamy hot face.


2 thoughts on “Non Profit Work

  1. Thank you for your encouraging comment. I wonder if the current system would hold for the long run. I don’t necessarily like the idea of pigeonholing people right away. Everyone should have a chance to prove themselves.

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