December 2015

December is finally here.  I’ve been waiting for you since May.  Why?   Because it means 2015 will finally come to an end and so will my bad luck streak. In the past year I have experienced multiple deaths in the family, a breakup, car trouble, work trouble and etc.  Life comes in waves but when the waves get bigger without any clear sign of going back up, it starts to erode your mind.  You start to wonder if it’s the universe’s way of balancing fortune and misfortune.  In reality it is a test of truth.  Who’s to be by your side, who’s to be a part of your journey in life.  What your purpose is in life.  Whatever the case may be, I am ready to to tackle the next challenge. In reality, there is not much more to lose (knock on wood).  Hopefully the stormy year will calm by 2016.